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Premiere: December 14th 2018

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Objekt Cocoon Crush album songs list:

1. Lost and Found (Lost Mix)
2. Dazzle Anew
3. 35
4. Nervous Silk
5. Deadlock
6. Rest Yr Troubles Over Me
7. Silica
8. Runaway
9. Secret Snake
10. Another Knot
11. Lost and Found (Found Mix)

PAN welcomes back the Object Cocoon Crush, their first album since Flatlandu in 2014. In the last four years, Objekt continued to compete for conventions with his club achievements (single publishing house Objekt # 4 and Kern Vol. 3 mix for Tresor), while maintaining his reputation as a DJ who implements impeccable technical finesse in creating complex narrations from a diverse and demanding electronic music palettes. Written in 2014-2018 in Berlin and on the route, Cocoon Crush once again sees a producer rejecting the functional requirements of the dance floor. Branded further evolution of youthful enthusiasm Flatland, Cocoon Crush explores a more introspective side, with themes of interpersonal interaction resonating throughout the text when he chews complex spectrum of sentiment, rooted in four years sometimes turbulent personal experience. Crush aesthetic cocoon represents a departure from the largely synthetic pitch Flatland, drawing from the source of the organic material and natural textures to illustrate the embarrassment and unknown sceneries in photorealistic detail. The Cocoon Crush Object further pulled from their musical influences to create the purest manifestation of his own musical personality: an intriguing and enigmatic album, whose reference points are difficult to determine in which ghostly synths are interwoven through the minds of weighing drums and run by ASMR foley earrings rub and spark. Through scrupulous sculpting, Objekt follows a rich and impressionistic journey through claustrophobia, hope, guilt, fear and joy, nested in layers of sound details that reward everyone with listening.

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